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Melbourne T Shirt Printing provides a high quality, Custom T Shirt printing service.


We accept orders from 1 to 10,000 shirt orders and will advise and guide you towards an outcome that will provide you with the best possible combination of print quality and affordable price.


Digital Print or Screen Print

Our digital direct-to-garment print service is faster and cheaper than screen printing for quantities below 26 shirts with a single print.  It also produces much better quality, high resolution prints such as photographs and complex logos with colour blends and shadow effects. Our online designer is so easy to use that you'll be designing like a Pro!


If your logos are simple with no more than 10 colours and if the quantity required is more than around 26 garments, then we can offer screen printing as an alternative.  It can take a bit longer because of the setup procedures but it can reduce your cost per garment. Please request a quotation.


After many years in the Direct-To-Garment printing business we have chosen to stay clear of the cut-priced,  low quality end of the market.   Our focus is simply to provide the best quality digital print you will find anywhere and back it up with great service.


Guaranteed print quality

We have invested heavily in the best equipment and training.   We have developed our own techniques and procedures that guarantee the best possible print quality on t shirts.    Our competitors are pulling their hair out?!?  They'd love to know what we do and how we do it . . . . . but they will have to keep guessing.


We are so confident that you won't get better quality prints anywhere in Australia that we offer a unique, 100% money back, print quality guarantee.


So, if great service and guaranteed print quality are important to you then please try our on-line designer / ordering system?   It's quick and very easy to upload your own images or create your own shirt print


Design your shirt then share with friends or team mates before you order.

You can even save the designs you have created then email a mock-up version to your friends, family or team members.   If everyone is happy with your design, then and only then you can go to the checkout.


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